Kick-off Meeting of the DIMTV project
9 January, 2018
Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Grantholders’ Meeting, Brussels
30 January, 2018

Workshop – Learning from EU expertise in MDTV area

The second day started with Activity 2.1.1: Workshop on “Learning from EU expertise in MDTV area“, which was led by VSB Technical University of Ostrava representative, Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Voznak. First, Albanian and Kosovo partners presented the current situation of their existing MDTV and MDTV-related programs. Assoc. Prof. Lindita Mukli (UAMD), Dr. Endri Stoja (EPOKA), Assoc. Prof. Mimoza Ibrani (UP) and Dr. Naim Preniqi (UBT) presented the programs offered by their institutions. In summary:

  • UAMD: offers a Multimedia and Digital TV bachelor program (the only HEI in Albania offering it)
  • EPOKA: offers Electronics and Digital Communication Engineering program (mostly engineering based background and most of the MDTV related courses are offered as elective courses in the 3rd year of studies)
  • UP and UBT do not have a specific MDTV program, however, they offer certain MDTV-related courses in their existing master programs.

A specific discussion was held on how to improve the existing bachelor program UAMD is offering at the moment. Suggestions were made by EU experts in terms of organizing informative sessions for the potential students before they apply to universities. Internships, promotion, and involvement of students in projects were seen as essential to increase attractiveness to the program. Job fairs can be organized by the faculty and market research should be done. The other part of the day was followed by presentations held by EU partner representatives namely Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Voznak, Assoc. Prof. Matevz Pogacnik and Prof. Dr. Anbarjafari Gholamreza. They shared their expertise related to MDTV, the programs their specific universities offer to the students, and their research activities related to this field.

  1. DIMTV_Workshop-Learning from EU expertise VSB-TUO
  2. DIMTV_Workshop-Learning from EU expertise FE – UL

WP1 was the main topic of discussion on the third day. Dr. Albana Halili explained in more detail the content of WP1, the aim, and the specific roles of each partner institution involved in this package. Then, Ph.D. Cand. Aida Bitri presented the general situation of MDTV in Albania, starting with the history, the market needs, and present challenges. On the other hand, Kosovo was represented by Dr. Naim Preniqi, the UBT representative. It was concluded that both countries have similar conditions and challenges. Questionnaires prepared for both students and alumni and the industry as well were distributed in both countries. The results obtained till that time and future trends were discussed. The results have been analyzed and a report was prepared as a deliverable for WP1. Finally, the next EU study visit was decided to be held in Ostrava on 15-17th May 2018. A visit at UAMD facilities closed the 3rd-day activity and the kick-off meeting.

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