Professional Master in MDTV study program opening at UAMD
3 November, 2018
DIMTV project coordinator invited to Erasmus+ info day
27 November, 2018

UBT promotion of DIMTV project during the fair “Life Long Learning”

Today was organized by UBT an event during the fair “Life Long Learning”. Many students who are enthusiastic to start on a promising career in Kosovo have joined the UBT tent placed next to Sirius Hotel where took place for two days “Life Long Learning”. The UBT academic staff and UBT students informed the youngsters about the importance of following professional practice which is being offered by UBT infrastructure and modern labs. During the fair, many of the interested parties were informed about the study programs of professional schools and different types of training which have been followed by hundreds of youngsters coming from a wide range of schools in Kosovo. This fair was organized by the Institute of International Cooperation of German People’s High Schools (DVV International), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and NGO’s.

UBT promoted also all the international projects and the DIMTV Erasmus+ project.

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