Open lecture with PM students at UAMD
4 May, 2019
Staff and student training on broadcast and production at UAMD
30 May, 2019

Open lecture on future technologies in broadcast at Epoka University

Today, the academic staff and students from Computer Engineering at Epoka University attended the lecture on “Future of Broadcasting and Networking technologies“. The lecture was held by Klemen Pečnik and Žana Juvan from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. This is the second planned activity for training on modules of 3D Animation and Production and Post-production.

Years ago, broadcasting technologies faced the need for digitalization and the usage of the internet has helped a lot the transition from traditional transmission to stream over the internet. Cable television can not meet the requirements for new broadcast services and interactivity like triple-play, Video on Demand (VoD), etc. This lecture helped all participants to understand the future of broadcasting and the needed efforts to achieve the best performance and customer need for interactivity. Nowadays broadcasting technologies are moving towards all-IP infrastructures and IP infrastructures are more and more automated, faster, and capable to fulfill the high demands of the broadcasting area. But what are the challenges and especially requirements to move to all-IP?

Future of Broadcasting and Networking technologies – Epoka University

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