Open lecture on future technologies in broadcast at Epoka University
30 May, 2019
Open lecture on Image Processing at UAMD organized by Epoka University
15 June, 2019

Staff and student training on broadcast and production at UAMD

The first activity of academic staff and students training helped them to learn the main topics of 3D animation and post-production. After this, students had to prepare homework and practical projects in Blender and After Effects. This activity was mainly focused on equipment setup for live broadcast workflows such as script, color correction, tracking and stabilization, lighting, and camera movements. Also, students presented their projects and helped during the broadcast equipment preparation. All students worked together as a television work team where they experimented with different roles during broadcast testing.

Klemen Pečnik and Žana Juvan from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana helped a lot with their expertise in live production. This activity was very interesting for both students and academic staff and you can watch the production on Development and Implementation of MDTV – Talk Show.


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