2nd Steering Committee Meeting Tirana
26 June, 2018
Professional Master Curriculum in the MDTV study program
15 July, 2018

Revised MDTV Bachelor Degree Curriculum

Aleksandër Moisiu University is the only public Higher Education Institution that offers Bachelor studies on multimedia technologies and digital television. This study program was opened in 2012 as a result of the TEMPUS RICUM project financed by the European Commission. The main objective of the “Multimedia and Digital Television” study program is to prepare specialists with a technical background in the field of multimedia and digital television. Along with the growth and modernization of TV stations, broadcast services, and the digitalization process, the need for specialists in this sector will increase.

After collecting data from the “Analysis of MDTV study programs in Albania and Kosovo”, and the Workshop: Learning from EU expertise in the MDTV area, within the framework of WP2.1, the bachelor curriculum in MDTV needed to be restructured. The UAMD team organized several meetings with the academic staff to discuss the changes that were needed to take place in order to have an innovative study program that would meet EU standards. After the detailed revision of the existing bachelor MDTV curriculum at UAMD, the changes were made corresponding to the labor market needs and harmoniously for the new  Professional Master in MDTV with 3 profiles in 3D Animation, Production and postproduction, and Image Processing.

The courses were organized using different learning concepts by a combination of traditional and e-learning concepts. All the courses in the new curricula have to use innovative tools and contemporary teaching methods, such as problem-based learning, game-based learning, case study methods, etc. The new curriculum includes general courses (basics), Professional courses (characterizing); Similar/integrating training courses with characterizing disciplines; Elective training courses; Foreign language learning, IT training, and practice courses; and Final Exam/Project, in full accordance with the Albanian Higher Education Law. The changes consisted of the reduction of the total number of the courses from 36 to 30 where each of them has the same weight of 6 ECTS, 15 courses were renamed from the previous curricula; 19 courses were removed; 16 new courses were introduced and 12 courses remained the same.

The new bachelor curriculum was approved by the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MESY).


 Result 1_Revised Bachelor MDTV curriculum


For further information go to the official UAMD website URL Bachelor in Multimedia and Digital Television.

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