15 April, 2018

Report on the analysis of the MDTV area in Kosovo and Albania

The preparation phase of the project consists on the study and analysis of the general situation related to MDTV area in Albania and Kosovo. Needs and […]
15 July, 2018

Revised MDTV Bachelor Degree Curriculum

Aleksandër Moisiu University is the only public Higher Education Institution that offers Bachelor studies on multimedia technologies and digital television. This program was opened in 2012 […]
15 July, 2018

Professional Master Curriculum in the MDTV study program

The unique MDTV study program in Albania offered by AMU under the Department of Information Technology is the only one that can provide human resources in […]
3 November, 2018

Professional Master in MDTV study program opening at UAMD

The Professional Master study program in Multimedia and Digital Television is the first of its kind offered in Albanian Higher Education Institutions. This study program is […]
30 April, 2019

Curriculum books of Multimedia-related Bachelor degree programs

During Kick-Off Meeting at AMU was organized a workshop, where EU partners shared their expertise through presentations related to teaching in MDTV. They gave directions for […]
30 April, 2019

Curriculum books of Multimedia-related for second cycle programs

The innovation and development of a professional master curriculum in the field of MDTV started since the first study visit at VSB Technical University of Ostrava. […]
14 May, 2020

Accreditation of multimedia-related study programs

“Multimedia and Digital Television” is an innovative study program in our country and aims to meet the growing needs of the labor market for specialists in […]
30 October, 2020

External evaluation of Bachelor and PM study programs by EU experts

Another crucial activity of WP3 was to ensure the quality of programs by the external evaluation of experts in addition to the impact that EU partners […]
3 September, 2021

Report on the update of syllabuses in MDTV Bachelor and PM study programs

As one of the specific objectives of the DiMTV project, curriculum design, and syllabuses plays a key role in the Multimedia and Digital Television study program. […]
18 September, 2021

Project Management Plan

The Project Management Plan (PMP) aims to provide key information about the project, aims, and objectives, the role and responsibility of each project partner. PMP will […]
25 September, 2021

Project Sustainability Plan

One of the main DIMTV project objectives is to ensure the sustainability of the project results after the end of the project lifetime. This document presents […]
30 September, 2021

Quality Control and Monitoring Manual

Quality Assurance plays a key role in Work Package 3. For this purpose, Quality Control is an integral part of the project and aims to ensure […]