Curriculum books of Multimedia-related Bachelor degree programs
30 April, 2019
Staff and student training on 3D Animation at Epoka University
30 April, 2019

Curriculum books of Multimedia-related for second cycle programs

The innovation and development of a professional master curriculum in the field of MDTV started since the first study visit at VSB Technical University of Ostrava. As leader of this package they shared their experience, knowledge and best practices in MDTV education area. For professional master curricula, the three profiles were developed also with the help of University of Tartu and University of Ljubljana. On the other hand, the other three participating WB partners will implement some new modules with specific orientations, in Image Processing Module, Animation Module and Production/Post-production Module. These modules were designed for both increasing teaching and research collaborations within these countries and also EU partners. This work package was completed with the preparation of Deliverable 2.2.2 and MDTV PM curriculum book.

Professional Master MDTV book (UAMD)


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a master level program offered from Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Prishtina. This MSc program integrates the theory developed with modern teaching methods as well as the lab and experimental research assignments carried out in the relevant ICT laboratories.

The mission of this program is in compliance with the mission of faculty and university, in:

  • Educating and providing to candidates the knowledge and competencies to solve difficult engineering problems,
  • Designing complex systems,
  • Acting as a leader of a team and
  • Conducting research and development in the field of Information and Communication Technologies


  Master catalogue (UP)


For further information go to the official University of Prishtina website URL Katalogu i programit MSc ne ICT.

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