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1 April, 2019
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8 April, 2019

Multimedia Laboratories inauguration at AMU

“Aleksandër Moisiu” University Durrës (UAMD) inaugurated the two modern laboratories in the field of Multimedia and Digital Television, Multimedia Computer Laboratory, and Audio-Video Studio. The investments undertaken are part of the Erasmus+ project: “Developing and Implementing Curricula of Multimedia and Digital TV“. In her welcome speech, the Rector of UAMD, Prof. Dr. Kseanela Sotirofski thanked the organizers and said that “This unique project (DIMTV) is a clear sign that UAMD has capacities, partners and expects to run other such international projects“.

For the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Lindita Mukli, “Multimedia program is unique and successful“. “We are working together to use the studio equipment to be used not only for the teaching but also practical and beyond”. She thanked the first ideators of this project and the team that is currently working on it.

Then the guests got the word. Deputy AMA representative, Sami Neza, congratulated UAMD university executives for this successful project and said that “the multimedia program studio resembles a real TV studio“.

Florian Tahiri, Vice Mayor of Durrës expressed the satisfaction that the University has reached these levels becoming an important asset of the city.

Aida Breti, the Director of the National Erasmus+ Office, emphasized that the Multimedia project is very good about the academic world’s partnership with entrepreneurship and the media, and has expressed the conviction that UAMD has the right capacities to be a leader in other important international projects.

Project Coordinator, Dr. Albana Halili drew attention by saying that “the time has come for the university to see the continuity of the project“. “To take this project further steps forward, we have applied to another curriculum improvement project through the use of virtual teaching technologies.”

With the generous support of the European Union, UAMD aims to fill the gap that exists between market demand and specialty supply in this regard. We thank all the participants who honoured us with their presence.

A special thank goes to the students which are one of the major pillars of the DIMTV implementation.

For more details click the link Inauguration of MDTV lab (live stream)

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