EU Study Visit II – University of Tartu
13 September, 2018
Professional Master in MDTV study program opening at UAMD
3 November, 2018

Grand opening of Professional Master Program in MDTV at AMU

Professional Master in Multimedia and Digital Television is the first of its kind in all Albanian Higher Education Institutions. Although a young university, UAMD is developing year after year and turning into one of the most important universities in the country. One of the strongest and most competitive points of UAMD is to offer unique study programs. Following this innovative vision, the Faculty of Information Technology, with persistent and intensive work, integrates within its study programs, the latest technological trends, and technologies.

Bachelor degree in Multimedia and Digital Television was opened first in 2012, a product of a successful Tempus Project entitled: Innovation and Implementation of the Curriculum Vocational Studies in the Field of Digital Television and Multimedia, a collaboration between several Albanian and European universities.

To support the specialization in this field and to give students further support in the studies of Multimedia and Digital Television, the Faculty of Information Technology starting this academic year to offer to all interested students the opportunity to attend the Professional Master Degree in Multimedia and Digital Television. This master is the product of successful project implementation with DIMTV. After all the steps needed by the Albanian Higher Education Law to open a professional master, the University for the 2018-2019 academic year opened the doors for all the applicants, where 17 students were enrolled.

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