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15 October, 2020
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7 December, 2020

External evaluation of Bachelor and PM study programs by EU experts

Another crucial activity of WP3 was to ensure the quality of programs by the external evaluation of experts in addition to the impact that EU partners of this consortium had during the development and innovation of multimedia-related programs. The Steering Committee of the DIMTV project suggested and approved two experts outside of the consortium to evaluate both “Multimedia and Digital Television” (MDTV), Bachelor and Professional Master study programs offered at UAMD. The team of the reviewers responsible for this evaluation was:

  1. Prof. Marcin Niemiec, PhD, University of Krakow, Department of Telecommunication
  2. Prof. Peter Pocta, PhD, University of Zilina, Department of Multimedia and Information­ Communication Technology 
They reviewed the revised bachelor and new PM curricula and course syllabi for both study programs and evaluated them as positive by also adding some recommendations. This positive evaluation enforced once more the decision (taken on May 2020) of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ASCAL) on the approval and accreditation of the PM program for 4 years.


   WP3_Deliverable 3.3_External evaluation of the Bachelor study program

   WP3_Deliverable 3.3_External evaluation of the PM study program

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