Grand opening of Multimedia Laboratory at University of Prishtina
17 January, 2019
3rd Steering Committee Meeting – University of Ljubljana
21 January, 2019

EU Study Visit III – University of Ljubljana

During this EU Study visit to the University of Ljubljana, participants took part in many organized events. On the 21-23th of January 2019 was held the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting was at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This session was led by the project coordinator, Dr. Albana Halili. WB partners presented their current situation on MDTV and the activities related to each partner respectively. UAMD, UP and EPOKA representatives, presented the situation of the project implementation at each university. Each WB partner has finalized the tendering processes and their laboratories were about to be established.

Also during these days, academic staff from WB who attended the activity were trained in 3D Animation during the Workshop of Modelling and 3D Animation. The workshop was led by lecturers Klemen Pečnik and Žana Juvan from the University of Ljubljana.

The next activity was a visit to the laboratories at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. UL FE professors presented research activities held by them and the facilities they have. A demonstration of the applications of Virtual reality using the equipment that they have in the lab was made and some examples of student works were shown. Some of the participants had a chance to try these applications. Moreover, was introduced another Erasmus+ project, BENEFIT, organized for the telecommunication industry.

The third day of the meeting continued with a workshop on 3D printing techniques led by Dr. Jože Guna from UL. This was realized upon the request of SC members and at the end of the workshop, the participants received some 3D printed samples. A 3D printed version of the DIMTV logo was prepared also.


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