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26 August, 2018
Grand opening of Professional Master Program in MDTV at AMU
3 November, 2018

EU Study Visit II – University of Tartu

The second EU study visit took place on September 11-13, 2018 at the premises of Tartu University, Institute of Technology in Tartu, Estonia. The meeting started with a welcome speech by the Vice Dean of the Institute of Technology followed by a short presentation of Tartu University and Institute of Technology. Then, Egils Avots, a researcher in the iCV research group started the first teacher training with a general presentation of their work.

  1. VR-Presentation_UT

The second and the third part of training were focused on applied computer vision concepts. These lectures were prepared by Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Anbarjafari. In the end, the group closed the 1st-day meeting with some conclusions. The first day of the meeting ended with a trip to the Museum of Tartu University and a social dinner.

The second day of the meeting started with the registration of the participants and then with a session about the general situation of the project, about the master program that will be developed at Aleksander Moisiu University. Dr. Albana Halili, the coordinator of the project, started her presentation with an overview of the project, current situation, and challenges.

  1. DIMTV Project Progress Presentation

During this time Prof. Dr. Anbarjafari Gholamreza, as a specialist in the field, discussed each of the syllabi. The content and also how Tartu University or the group responsible for image processing can help through sharing knowledge and literature with the academic staff members at Aleksandër Moisiu University. The next session was a seminar about Virtual Reality and Augment Reality, where researchers of the iCV group showed in detail the equipment required by this technology. They explained where this technology is applied with some examples from virtual reality and augmented reality. They explained how Virtual reality education allows you to go beyond space conditions. Other issues were the advantages of using Virtual Reality in education, what are some of the features and devices that can be: integrated controls, external and internal controllers, gestures. Best practices in using VR equipment and working on the computer and the principles of producing an application were shown. The students also made a short presentation about HTC Vive, an Erasmus+ project on creating a mechatronics lab in a Virtual Reality environment. The second day of the meeting ended with an excursion at the Institute of Technology, Tartu University.

The third day of the meeting continued with the last practical session by iCV group members, Rain Eric Haamer and Egils Avots. A demonstration of the applications of Virtual reality using the equipment that this group has in the lab was made. At the same time, all the participants had a chance to try the equipment of virtual reality and play with the applications. The first application was an educative program for medical students and the second one was a demonstrative one on how to use the devices without touching accessories. 

Finally, it was discussed about the next project meeting, EU Study visits III, which will be hosted by Ljubljana University partners. It was decided on the content of the program and when it will be realized. The third week of January 2019 was the final decision by all meeting participants. All the participants who filled in the event evaluation forms and conclusions for this EU Study visit closed the activity.


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