NEO monitoring visit for DIMTV project
10 May, 2018
Promotion of the Professional Master in MTVD at AMU
18 May, 2018

EU Study Visit I – VSB TUO

DIMTV Project EU Study Visit I took place on 15th – 17th of May 2018 at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. The meeting started with a welcome speech from Assoc. Prof. Pavel Kromer, Ph.D., Vice Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The speech started with an introduction to the structure of the hosting university and ongoing international scientific projects. Next, Prof. Dr. Miroslav Voznak introduced the Department of Telecommunication Technologies. The excellent scientific results and university campus were shown.

  1. VSB – TUO – FEECS Introduction 

The meeting continued as follows:

  • Naim Preniqi (UBT) followed by a presentation on the analysis and reporting on the situation on the first deliverable of WP1. University for Bussiness and Technology is responsible for WP1. He explained how the report has been prepared and how the data have been collected and then analyzed to finish successfully this task. WP1 Deliverable 1 is the detailed report of the situation of Multimedia and Digital Television in the public and private sector in the broadcast market and also the education in the multimedia field. Albania and Kosovo, as Partner countries, are developing ICT and digitalization, so, there is a need for a multimedia specialist.
  • Project coordinator Dr. Albana Halili started a discussion session on AMU curricula restructuring. The new proposal of curricula was presented. Dr. Halili showed and explained the structure of the new curriculum based on the needed changes to open the Professional Master with three profiles. She explained the flow of course contents between follow-up semesters and the changes of elective courses in compulsory and vice versa.

The proposal for the new curricula opened a fruitful discussion. The members of EU institutions gave suggestions and corrections regarding the content of curricula. Also, the next discussion was again led by Dr. Halili. During her discussion, she explained the current situation of the project tasks and what will be the activities and works to be done for the next months. The partners defined the new dates for the next project meetings that will be organized by other institutions for the year 2018.

Ph.D. Premysl Mer presented the technologies and methods used for multimedia especially for content creation and its processing. He explained the tools and techniques they use to develop their practical works during classes. Ph.D. Pavol Partila presents methods and applications in the field of speech processing. Both mentioned speakers focus their presentations on multimedia and digital content. Speakers also showed the annotation of courses aimed at multimedia at their department. 

  1. DIMTV-Teacher Training I
  2. DIMTV-Teacher Training II

Then the participants went to visit the laboratories in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; the TV transmitter Ostrava Hošťálkovice and the National Supercomputing Centre in Ostrava (Centre of Excellence). The meeting was closed by conclusions made by the project coordinator. The next project Steering Committee meeting was decided to be held at EPOKA University in Tirana on the 25th of June.


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