7th Steering Committee and Project Quality Board Meeting
22 July, 2021
Report on the update of syllabuses in MDTV Bachelor and PM study programs
3 September, 2021

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

The Dissemination and Exploitation Plan for the Erasmus+ DIMTV project aims to establish and run the visibility and communication infrastructure of the project so that all activities that are carried out during the project lifetime will be widely known with the highest possible visibility. Knowledge transfer and project results dissemination is one of the core activities of the DIMTV project. Dissemination and exploitation are seen from two points of view: internal and external. Internal dissemination activities primarily target internal academic staff and students of the higher education institutions in Kosovo and Albania, RTSH, and EU Partners intending to transfer knowledge among all the project participants. Workshops, training, meetings, and study visits are the main tools used for this purpose.

On the other hand, external dissemination activities are the standard dissemination activities targeting a wider community, broadcasts industry, and general public intending to promote the project, its results, and project participants and consequently raise awareness about the new study programs. The main tools of external dissemination are presentations, lectures, and demos at workshops, exhibitions, and different media channels like the Web, Social Media, TV, and newspapers. Some of the dissemination activities are open to the public and contribute to external dissemination efforts as well.

 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

  Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (AL)

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