15 April, 2018

Report on the analysis of the MDTV area in Kosovo and Albania

The DIMTV project is the first of its kind implemented in Albania and Kosovo and aims to implement an innovative curriculum in the field of multimedia. […]
15 July, 2018

Revised MDTV Bachelor Degree Curriculum

Aleksandër Moisiu University is the only public Higher Education Institution that offers Bachelor studies on multimedia technologies and digital television. This study program was opened in […]
15 July, 2018

Professional Master Curriculum in the MDTV study program

The unique MDTV study program in Albania offered by UAMD under the Department of Information Technology is the only one that can provide human resources in […]
3 November, 2018

Professional Master in MDTV study program opening at UAMD

Nowadays, Higher education is different compared to several decades ago. In this dynamic labor market, all the HEIs in Albania and Kosovo have to fit with […]