3 September, 2021

Staff Training on multimedia production and post-production

On 01 – 03 September 2021, all partners of the consortium have visited the VSB-TUO Czech Republic partner to acquire expert knowledge and best practices in […]
23 September, 2021

DiMTV Closing Conference event

The final event of the DIMTV project, the Closing DIMTV conference, took place at the premises of the Aleksander Moisiu University, the coordinator of the DIMTV […]
24 September, 2021

8th Steering Committee Meeting

On the second day of the Closing Conference of DiMTV, was organized the 8th Steering Committee. The main focus of this SCM was the organization and […]
28 September, 2021

Staff training at UAMD

The last staff training was carried out by the University of Ljubljana (UL) with the trainers Klemen Pečnik and Žana Juvan, which took place at the […]