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29 April, 2019
Curriculum books of multimedia-related Master programs
30 April, 2019

Curriculum books of multimedia-related Bachelor study programs

+ University of Prishtina (UP)

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a bachelor study program offered at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Prishtina. The mission of the ICT study program is to prepare and deliver graduates who will be able to enhance productivity, innovation and market competitiveness both in-country and worldwide. The proposed program integrates the theory developed with modern teaching methods as well as the practice carried out in the relevant ICT laboratories in FECE for different courses. Some courses of this study program were developed based on the ERSAMUS+ DIMTV project.

  Bachelor catalogue (UP)


For further information go to the official website of University of Prishtina link Katalogu i programit BSc ne ICT.

+ Epoka University (EPOKAUNI)

The study program of the bachelor in Electronics and Digital Communication Engineering is fully compliant with the requirements of the higher education system in Albania as well as with Europe’s Bologna process and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The number of students enrolled in this study program is in line with University and market expectation, staff number and available infrastructure. The quality of students is very high  due to admission criteria at the enrollment phase and high quality of teaching and research staff. The lecturers of the study program are instructed to enrich courses with student projects and laboratory assignments and presentations in order to increase student’s problem-solving, analytical, presentation skills and hands on practice.

The bachelor in Computer Engineering (CEN program) has been designed to provide an interactive learning through hands-on practice using modern laboratory and advanced simulation tools in order to serve the request of labor market and the society. At the center of this program is the student. CEN program is student and market-centered, strictly following the Mission of the Department of Computer Engineering: “…Focus is placed on ‘hands on’ learning by providing modern laboratories where specific courses have up to 50% of work in the lab.

  Epoka Bachelor book


For further information go to the official website Epoka University link for the Bachelor in EDCE study program curriculum and Bachelor in CEN study program Curriculum.

+ University for Business and Technology (UBT)

UBT offers Bachelor study programs in accordance to the European system based on the Bologna agreement. The expectation is that this system gives a wider range of choice after completing the professional higher education programmes, as well as intensifies the study process for the students. The curricula offer the students knowledge within their specialty as well as social competencies, develop their readiness for life-long learning and create possibilities for inter-curricular transitions.

The student workload is measured using the ECTS. In ECTS, 60 credits represent the workload for full academic year of study. In order to obtain a Bachelor degree at the College, the students are required to achieve a minimum of 180 credits over three years of study. The duration of undergraduate study is generally three academic years with some exceptions as defined by the national regulations in the field of Law (four years), Pharmacy and Dentistry (five years).

The development and review of curricula in the UBT takes into account the mission and vision of the institution, the educational philosophy , national educational policies and the social economic environment within which graduates will work. Learning outcomes should be explicitly stated for each course or programme and these should be the pivot around which the whole programme is developed. The curriculum should provide a base for a broad and all round education which integrates academic excellence, humanistic education and entrepreneurial education. The curricula should help the learner develop a passion for truth, personal freedom, moral integrity and service.

  UBT Bachelor Book

  UBT course syllabuses


For further information go to the official UBT website links Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering; Bachelor in Media and Communication; Bachelor in Art and Digital Media and Bachelor in Mechatronics Management.



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