Staff training on equipment at UAMD
29 April, 2019
Curriculum books of Multimedia-related for second cycle programs
30 April, 2019

Curriculum books of Multimedia-related Bachelor degree programs

During Kick-Off Meeting at AMU was organized a workshop, where EU partners shared their expertise through presentations related to teaching in MDTV. They gave directions for the courses that may be offered during the professional master (PM) studies. In this workshop discussion and suggestions were done on the improvement of this current MDTV situation. Course types and syllabi was revised and reconsidered during this phase of the project. Dependent on the needs specified in the preparation phase, some new courses were added or replaced with other courses based on EU Partner suggestions and academic staff experience. The MDTV Bachelor degree curriculum was carefully revised and detailed report is prepared and documented as a result of this activity (Deliverable 2.1.2).

 Bachelor MDTV book (UAMD)


Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a bachelor study program offered at Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Prishtina. The mission of ICT study program is to prepare and deliver graduates who will be able to enhance productivity, innovation and market competitiveness both in country and worldwide. The proposed program integrates the theory developed with modern teaching methods as well as the practice carried out in the relevant ICT laboratories in FECE for different courses. Some parts of the program was developed based on the ERSAMUS+ DIMTV project.

  Bachelor catalogue (UP)


For further information go to the official University of Prishtina website URL Katalogu i programit BSc ne ICT.


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