Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Grantholders’ Meeting, Brussels
30 January, 2018
Promotion of DIMTV/ICT study modules to Kosovo high schools
2 May, 2018

Report on the analysis of the MDTV area in Kosovo and Albania

The preparation phase of the project consists on the study and analysis of the general situation related to MDTV area in Albania and Kosovo. Needs and problems related to the field will be defined by the partner institutions in both Western Balkan countries. Different studies on the specific actual advantages and disadvantages will be done and reported. An analysis on the existing programmes in EU countries will be done and this will help in the development and implementation of new ideas related to MDTV area. EU experts and industry representatives will be regularly consulted to obtain reliable results. 


 WP1_Deliverable 1.1_Analysis of MDTV study programs in Albania and Kosovo

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