Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Grantholders’ Meeting, Brussels
30 January, 2018
Promotion of DIMTV/ICT study modules at UP to Kosovo high schools
2 May, 2018

Report on the analysis of the MDTV area in Kosovo and Albania

The DIMTV project is the first of its kind implemented in Albania and Kosovo and aims to implement an innovative curriculum in the field of multimedia. To better understand the current situation in the multimedia industry, education and labor market it was necessary to conduct a detailed analysis. First, the data regarding the beginnings of multimedia in the region were collected and were drafted in the form of a review. Concerning education, were reviewed all the study programs offered in the field of multimedia in Albania and Kosovo. Through this data set was possible to carefully design a questionnaire that would include all stakeholders in the field of multimedia. The questionnaire was designed for students and industry representatives, in English, to attain a greater reach. All consortium partners and experts in the field of multimedia contributed to its formulation. The questionnaire was realized electronically via Google Forms and distributed for over 2 months. 213 students responses were collected and also, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), which is the main institution responsible for covering all the TVs in Albania, answered the questions related to the industry needs. Then all the data were analyzed and some findings were noticed where there are several challenges as well as opportunities to further shape the sector of MDTV in Albania and Kosovo:

  1. regarding the legal framework, the regulatory bodies of the audio-visual media services in both countries, are being transformed to follow the EU guidelines.
  2. the need for experts is present even though the industry sector does not admit it openly.
  3. both countries have a significant number of young people wishing to pursue a career in the multimedia sector
  4. establishing internships continues to be a challenge, as universities do lack the infrastructure for practice, so further cooperation with the industry is needed.
  5. academia understands that closer cooperation with the MDTV industry is needed so that companies can address their needs and perspectives.

The results after data analysis were presented during the kick-off meeting of the project. In addition, a workshop was held by EU partners on existing multimedia-related study programs in their countries. All feedbacks and suggestions helped to conclude the report presented in Deliverable 1.1. The report was prepared both in English and Albanian languages ​​to increase the visibility rate.


 WP1_Deliverable 1.1_Analysis of MDTV study programs in Albania and Kosovo

 WP1_Deliverable 1.1_Analiza e situatës MDTV në Shqipëri dhe Kosovë

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