Quality Assurance of Professional Master study program
8 February, 2020
Promotion of Multimedia and Digital TV for high school students
28 February, 2020

Open lecture and student training on 3D Animation and Visual Effects

This weekend, on the premises of Multimedia Laboratory, the guest lecturer from Kosovo Jeton Lakna organized an open lecture and a session for student training on 3D Animation and Visual Effects. He has studied in Canada for visual effects in the class of renowned artists like Mark Benard. Taking advantage of the endless world of technology, he managed to turn imagination into reality for many promotional spots, such as Red Tail, Kon-Tiki, Ice Quake, Nescafé, Armani Code perfume, and many more, which are just some of the projects in which Jeton Lakna has participated. Multimedia Professional Masters students after being trained by the University of Business and Technology (UBT) lecturer Jeton Lakna experienced the virtual gaming experience. It was interesting for the student to learn and have fun at the same time.



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