Promotion of Multimedia and Digital TV for high school students
28 February, 2020
Accreditation of multimedia-related study programs
14 May, 2020

5th Steering Committee – Online

The meeting took place online by Skype (due to the COVID-19 situation) on March 18, 2020. The project coordinator, Ph.D. Albana Halili, started with a project overview by explaining each WP in detail. Deliverables and project reports were discussed with the members to start preparing for final report submission. Based on this discussion it was decided that for:

WP1: UBT as WP leader in collaboration with UAMD members prepares the Albanian version of Deliverable 1.1: Analysis on the general MDTV situation.

WP2.1: VSB-TUO as WP leader prepares a report on the Workshop: ‘Learning from EU expertise in MDTV area’’, organized during the kick-off meeting. All the other reports for this WP are included in Deliverable 2.1.2 and the Bachelor curriculum book. Both Albanian and English versions are ready.

WP2.2: UT as WP leader prepared a report on 3 EU Study visits (Visit I in Ostrava, Visit II in Tartu, and Visit III in Ljubljana). All the other reports for this WP are included in Deliverable 2.2.2 and the PM curriculum book. Both Albanian and English versions are ready. There is a need for teaching materials for the Image Processing Module and a report on staff training during the UT visit is needed.

WP2.3: UL as leader prepares reports and training materials on staff training on modules for 3D Animation and Production and Postproduction Modules and also reports and training materials on equipment. Reports on realized training with details on the program included are needed. Teaching materials for the new courses at UAMD are under preparation by the teaching staff. UP, UAMD, EPOKA, and UBT send the equipment list and the necessary information to UL to prepare the respective reports.

WP2.4: UAMD, as a leader, prepared the report on the accreditation process. The program underwent the accreditation process by Accreditation Agency and a final decision by the experts is expected. The new PM program is ongoing – this year with a focus on the 3D Animation profile.

WP2.5: RTSH as leader prepares reports on realized MoUs with industry representatives, reports on student internships, and guest lectures organized for project implementation.

WP3: UP, which is responsible for this prepared the reports for internal quality assurance for both bachelor and master programs for this academic year. External evaluation by the experts is ongoing and will be finalized soon.

WP4: EPOKA as leader prepares reports on project promotion both in social media, web site and also promotion to high schools and universities.

WP5: UAMD as a leader prepares all the necessary reports needed for project management and coordination activities.

In addition to these, Prof. Matevz Pogacnik and Prof. Miroslav Voznak gave specific examples on how to increase promotion to potential stakeholders, future students, of Multimedia and Digital TV Bachelor and Professional Master programs, which would ensure Academic Sustainability as well. Industry scholarships for excellent/talented students should be considered. This was then followed by an overview of the financial table to see the general table. Possible transfer within budget categories was also discussed among project partners.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, project SC decided to ask for a project extension for at least 6 months since a lot of remained project activities will be postponed. The project coordinator will ask for an extension.

The 5th SC meeting was successfully closed.


DIMTV Progress 5th SC Meeting Online

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