3rd Steering Committee Meeting – University of Ljubljana
21 January, 2019
Promotion of DiMTV project in high school students at Epoka
26 February, 2019

Staff training on 3D Animation at University of Ljubljana

During the EU Study visit III at the University of Ljubljana, parallel with the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting was organized the academic staff training for the WB universities. The training was focused on 3D animation as part of three profiles in Professional Master in MDTV. 3D animation is becoming more and more important because it gives characters and scenes a more realistic and engaging feel. Typically, 3D animators work to create movies, television, commercials, video games, online video, and instructional videos. The opportunities for 3D animators are growing, and also the need for experts in this field is emergent.

This training was focused on Blender, 3D modelling, rigging, keyframing, and animation and lasted for 3 days. In addition, there was a detailed discussion on the topics that will be offered in the Production and Post-production Module. All the sessions were coupled with hands-on practice. During this training, there were 5 participants from Albania, 4 participants from Kosovo. 3 other participants were the organizing committee of UT. This training for staff members helped them to gain the necessary knowledge for different modules in 3D Animation curricula. 

  1. Staff training on Animation – Keyframing Rigging
  2. Staff training on Blender

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