2nd Promotion of DIMTV/ICT study modules and lab to Kosovo high schools
April 27, 2019
Training on 3D Animation at Epoka University
April 30, 2019

Staff training on equipment at AMU

Due to the implementation of the DiMTV project, AMU has built 2 new laboratories for MDTV students. The new equipment is modern and especially supports broadcast transmission through the internet. The new PM study program will offer students all practical knowledge and there is needed a specialized academic staff. The staff training for new equipment was organized by Klemen Pečnik and Žana Juvan from the University of Ljubljana. They shared their experience in the field of production and transmission with academic staff and students. They explained how the devices can be used in different products and how students can develop their projects. The training covered a wide variety of concepts and principles about technical issues and a comprehensive understanding of different processes during television production and broadcasting.

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