PROJECT No: 586318-EPP-1-2017-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

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Aim and Rationale of the Project

Currently, the electronic media institutions in Albania have an evident lack of specialists in the field of Multimedia and Digital TV (MDTV). During the transition period of the country, there was a wide-spreading and increase in the number of electronic media. Following this, a contradictory situation appeared. While the number of TV stations (public and private) and broadcasting services increased, the required professional support could not be provided due to the lack or very low number of experts in the field. Therefore, the application of high-quality standards of service became impossible. The lack of professional manpower can be manifested nowadays, in the low technical quality video, audio, and multimedia services provided. To cover this, experts from abroad have been hired but this does not solve the unemployment problem of the country. Therefore, there is a need for national MDTV-graduated experts so that the country does not need experts from abroad.

Similar problems appear in Kosovo as well. An important scope of the DIMTV project is to increase the number of experts and qualified workers and to reduce the existing unemployment rate in the field of MDTV in both Albania and Kosovo. In the last years, the switch from analog to digital broadcasting has been a real challenge for both these Western Balkan countries. Despite the intensive efforts to make this switch, the full transition to digital TV transmissions has not been finalized yet. Even though huge investments have been done in media technology, the quality of broadcasting is not at the required level. Thus, great work is still needed to reach the required standards in the MDTV area. All these facts show the need for a fast solution to the problem. Through this project, we aim to contribute to the improvement of the actual situation in these countries and reduce both the unemployment rate and the lack of experts in the MDTV-related areas to an important extent. To achieve this, AMU will offer a new Professional Master with three specific specializations as Production, and Post-Production, Image Processing, and 3D Animation. In addition to teaching, these modules and the program itself will lead to higher research collaborations with EU partners. The right curricula which will be developed will produce high-quality specialized young professionals and they will comply with the job profile requirements. Moreover, the professional support from the EU Partner Countries with their high expertise and knowledge in the MDTV field will be a valuable treasure for the universities/enterprises in Albania and Kosovo as well.


General Objective of the project

  • Innovation and implementation of Multimedia and Digital Television (MDTV) study in Albania and Kosovo.


Specific Objectives 

  • Restructuring the existing curricula of the first cycle Multimedia and Digital Television (MDTV) study program.
  • Developing a new Professional Master curriculum in MDTV with specialized directions in Production and Post-Production, 3D Animation, and Image Processing.
  • Building a new high-quality equipped laboratory.